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The Phoenix Children's Foundation           Charity No. 1117115

Who we have helped

Here are just a few children we have helped through your generous donations...

East Staffordshire Children’s Centre


East Staffordshire’s Children’s Centre is a family center that treats a wide age range of children between 0-18 years of age with multiple disabilities. They aim to improve the quality of life of children and young people by promoting independence and encouraging physical fitness.


We supported the children’s centre by providing sensory toys that are used during treatment sessions to help engage the children and make the session’s fun. Working closely with Charlotte, the Senior Pediatric Physiotherapist from the Centre, we will be giving them ongoing support with regular pony visits.


Thank you to everyone from the Burton and Uttoxeter area for their kind donations which have made this possible.


Charlotte says ‘The children are loving the toys especially the mirror’



Thomas is seven years old and lives in Nottinghamshire; he was born with Sodium Valproate Syndrome which has resulted in low muscle tone and additional learning needs. He is unable to walk due to his condition and needed a specialist trike to help improve his muscle tone.


Thomas’s family worked extremely hard to raise some of the funds themselves for the trike, and the Foundation gladly provided the remaining funds required so Thomas received his bike just in time for Santa coming!


‘We all think that his smile says it all, he absolutely loves his bicycle and despite all the snow at Christmas we still managed to get out. Thomas can peddle beautifully on the flat, although obviously needs the guidance, but he is doing so well getting stronger all the time’

Beacon Academy, Loughborough


We have recently worked with Beacon Academy and their group of children with additional needs; the school has very limited ability to generate funds to improve their facilities for these children, so we are eager to help in any way possible.


The generous donations from members of the public in Loughborough have allowed us to provide 40 children from the MLD unit with outdoor play equipment and sensory toys. These toys are specifically chosen to stimulate their senses, improve mobility skills and encourage social interaction.


We have also recently supported a pupil from Beacon Academy with a specialist bike.


The team and Tickle were lucky enough to visit the pupils and see them enjoying their new toys!

Donna Louise Children's Hospice


Donna Louise is a children’s hospice who provide quality palliative care to children, young people and their families in the Stoke-on-Trent area.


This amazing hospice contacted us for support with their funding for a specialist P Pod Chair.  This is a special bean bag chair that provides the necessary support and comfort for children who have sitting and breathing problems. We provide ongoing support and pony visits to Donna Louise and are currently fundraising in the Stoke area to continue the support.


We visited Donna Louise with our pony Tickle to see this amazing P Pod Chair; the visit also gave us chance to meet the wonderful children and their families. Once we have the facilities in place at our base in Leicestershire we will be planning a day for the children and their families to come visit us and our ponies.

Alexander Black


Alexander Black or ‘Xander’ as he likes to be known is a local young man we have had real pleasure in getting to know. We are currently funding RDA lessons to aid Xander in achieving his Duke of Edinburgh Award.


Xander, from Coalville in Leicestershire was born with Downs Syndrome and had severe jaundice at birth, he was 7 years old when he said his first word and 10 before he picked up a pen. His mum, Anne doesn't like the terminology of Xander being ‘disabled’ and finds him sometimes excluded from the many activities she tries to get him involved in.


Here at Phoenix we concentrate on encouraging children to realise what they can achieve through sensory and music therapies and the RDA.   For this reason Xander and his mum have embraced the opportunity to have riding lessons at Wenlo and Meadow RDA as well as joining us at Phoenix HQ to look after our ponies and on collections.


Ann reports that these lessons are a valuable contribution to his interaction skills, confidence and ability to take instruction when learning.

Tŷ Hafan


Based in Sully, Cardiff Tŷ Hafan is one of the UK’s leading pediatric palliative care charities and offers the only children’s hospice service in south Wales. With an aim to meet the needs of life limited children, young people and their families - they need all the support they can get.


Thanks to the generous donations made in Cardiff by the public we were able to provide £700 worth of vital equipment including; a weighted blanket, a weighted sensory cushion and an interactive switch box. We were also able to supply a set of multicultural instruments for the children to play with and enjoy.


We are looking forward to supporting Tŷ Hafan for many years to come and we are currently organizing a visit for the children from one of our Phoenix ponies.


Urban is five years old and lives in Leicestershire; he was born with a number of disabilities which affects his ability to perform just about every act of daily living remaining entirely reliant upon his parents.


It is vital that Urban stays fit and active as he is prone to muscle fatigue and dislocations.  Doctors highly recommended cycling, however Urban requires his parents to be in close proximity meaning traditional bikes were not practical leaving a tandem bike as the best option to meet his needs.


It was our pleasure to partially fund a specialist bike that Urban desperately needed. He now rides every night with his dad and doctors are pleased by his progress seeing a marked improvement in his condition.


Harry Culwick


Harry, from Packington in Leicestershire, is a local lad and has a special place in our hearts.  Through funds raised in the local area we are delighted to have helped this family.  His mum Samantha is often publicized being involved in raising funds for Harry, appearing recently in an article in the Leicester Mercury. 


Harry and Luke are actually twins, and where Luke was born and developed in a normal way, his brother Harry was born about the same size and comparative development of a 23 week old fetus. Weighing only 1 pound, six ounces he had 9 different infections and had to undergo 15 blood transfusions, along with a small bleed on the brain, all have contributed towards a condition of Cerebral Palsy. Due to additional medication, this has rendered him profoundly deaf.


We have provided Harry with a specialist trike and car seat as well as funding towards his current ongoing treatment. Here at Phoenix we also have an inclusion policy; his brother Luke has had a helicopter ride and is currently having a few guitar lessons.



His mum’s account of Harry is “the happiest child on earth”; they are truly inspirational!

A little bit about Jake…


Jake Davies is 10 years old and lives in Llangollen with his twin sister Ella, his mum Chris and his dad Rob. He is a wonderful little boy with an infectious smile.

Jake was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, a significant neurodisability causing body weakness and the inability to control his arm and leg movements.


Jake is a wheel chair user with specialist seating system as he has poor trunk control leaving him unable to support himself by transferring his weight.

Jake has a good understanding of life and with no voice, he uses his eyes to communicate being fully dependent on the support of his family with all of his daily needs


With the kind and generous donations of the people of LLangollen and surrounding areas, we have been able to help Jake attend LLanfynydd RDA riding centre where Jake has been undergoing Hippo therapy (pictured here).


The movement of the horse is well-recognised as extremely beneficial to the trunk or body/core muscles in a boy like Jake. Funding can continue thanks to your generous donations.



Jake’s mum recently commented:

“Once again a massive thank you for all your fantastic work, with your help Jake is able to continue with his hippo therapy which is so important for his physical and emotional wellbeing. Many thanks Chris x”


A HUGE thank you to David Wilson Homes for thier Golf Charity Day in aid of The Phoenix Children's Foundation!


We are incredibly grateful for the amazing £3,900 raised - thank you


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